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  About Us

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VirtualTeam Consultants operate equally well in the unbounded world of start ups and the more defined world of corporate clients. We're as comfortable meeting in the backyard of a start up as we are meeting in a well-appointed corporate board room. We leverage technology to create virtual connections to stay in touch and in sync with our clients, our markets and our team.

Our consultants come from a variety of educational and experiential backgrounds. Our virtual team structure allows us to apply the right resource to the situation to generate fast, focused results. We know our respective fields well - we have worked and consulted in these areas for years. We stay on top of new developments in our fields of expertise so we can bring the latest knowledge and information into your organization. Our team is dedicated delivering outstanding results through collaboration with our clients. We believe in creating an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect. We work to develop win-win situations for our clients with their vendors, employees, contractors and communities.

We conduct ourselves in a professional manner at all times. All VirtualTeam consultants adhere to our Code of Professional Standards and Ethics.


> Susan Snedaker

> Lorraine Gutsche

> Robert Kahl

> Lisa Mainz

> Nels Hoenig

Susan Snedaker, Principal Consultant

Susan is an accomplished business & technology consultant, speaker and author. During her career, she has held executive and technical positions with firms including Microsoft, Honeywell, Keane and Apta Software. As a consultant, she has worked with small, medium and large companies including Canyon Ranch, University of Phoenix, CEO Software, National University, Sabino Investment ManagementUniversity of Arizona, Southern Arizona AIDS Foundations, Pyron Solar, Inc., Agile Sports Technologies and, to name just a few.

Susan specializes in working with start ups and early stage companies to define successful business models, to develop coherent and compelling business plans and to define financial models and valuations that are aggressive, achievable and realistic. Many of the business plans she has developed or refined have been funded with debt or equity funding. With a strong understanding of business and technology, Susan is able to work successfully with technology-based start ups and investors. Susan has also worked with existing companies to develop new programs, new divisions and new revenue streams or to improve existing business units to increase profitability, reduce turnover and to define a clear vision for future success.

Her recent focus has been on renewable energy companies (specifically solar technology) and sustainable/responsible business practices. The companies with whom she has worked in this area believe in creating value through responsible corporate citizenship and their business and operations have been aligned with these goals. launched in May 2008 and has achieved strong results. As both consultant and principal in the business, Susan leveraged her expertise in business planning and e-commerce technologies to help enable the successful launch of the business.

Susan's lastest book on business continuity and disaster recovery for IT professionals was released in the Spring of 2007 on Syngress Press, a division of Elsevier ( Susan previously has written four books and contributed chapters to eleven other books. She is author of these technology books: Windows Server 2003 and Managing Windows Small Business Server 2003, IT Project Management, and her latest release IT Security Project Management. She has also written numerous technical articles on a variety of Microsoft® and Microsoft Windows® topics. Susan is an experienced trainer, facilitator and speaker.

Susan holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and a Bachelor of Arts in Management (BAM) from the University of Phoenix. She recently received an Executive Certificate in International Management from Thunderbird University's Garvin School of International Management. Susan also holds a certificate in Advanced Project Management from Stanford University and attained Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) and Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) certifications. Susan is a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the Information Technology Association of Southern Arizona (ITASA).

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Lorraine Gutsche, Principal Consultant

Lorraine is an accomplished change management consultant. She has presented many seminars and workshops in human resource development on topics that include interactive management, maximizing performance, building winning teams, and managing change. She is also an experienced career coach working with executives, managers and staff in a variety of industries.

As an expert in interpersonal communications, Lorraine has helped both individuals and companies increase productivity and team effectiveness. By working with managers and employees on business communication styles and skills, Lorraine has helped teams quickly improve and make steady progress toward reaching their fullest potential. Her work includes one-on-one sessions with individuals, facilitated meetings between manager and employee as well as team meetings. Her work has helped thousands of people become more productive, more effective and less stressed. In today's environment, improving productivity and job satisfaction at the same time creates an important strategic advantage for companies.

Lorraine has worked with companies such as Canyon Ranch, Weiser Lock, Raytheon, Microsoft, Aetna Health Plans, Metropolitan Life, Columbia El Dorado Hospital, Pima Community College, Community Foundation of Southern Arizona, Keane, Apta Software and Northern Illinois University, to name just a few.

Lorraine holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from the University of Wisconsin and has completed graduate level work in psychology.

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Robert Kahl, Senior Consultant

Bob has over 20 years of experience in the areas of investment management, accounting, corporate financial planning and analysis, including experience with four Fortune 500 companies.  Bob has served as a financial advisor to four development stage technology companies. He provides financial analysis and modeling to VirtualTeam clients, particularly those seeking debt or equity funding.

In addition to working with VirtualTeam, Bob is President of Sabino Investment Management, LLC. Prior to starting his own firm, Mr. Kahl was a portfolio manager for Bank of America Investment Management and Trust Services Division.  He is a member of the Association of Investment Management and Research (AIMR) and Phoenix Society of Financial Analysts.  He has been a senior grader of Chartered Financial Analyst examinations, which are administered by AIMR. Bob holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from the University of Arizona and an MBA in finance and marketing from the University of California at Berkeley.

Lisa Mainz, Consultant

Lisa brings over 20 years’ experience in distribution, warehousing and inventory management. Lisa specializes in working with small companies and start ups to define and establish optimal management systems, with a special focus on inventory management. Her recent experience starting and growing an e-commerce division for an established company to over $2M in annual sales in just under four years has also provided Lisa with the latest skills in e-commerce management including order management and fulfillment, search engine optimization, web interface, web processes and building loyal customer relationships.

Lisa’s focus as a VirtualTeam consultant is to work with clients to improve business operations. Lisa also helps companies improve their project management practices by helping to create more consistent processes and methodologies to position projects for success. Her understanding of the needs and challenges of small businesses coupled with her outstanding operational and organizational abilities makes Lisa a welcome addition to our VirtualTeam.

Lisa holds a Certificate in Advanced Project Management from Stanford University and is a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC).

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Nels Hoenig, Consultant

Nels is an experienced software project manager and QA professional. He specializes in change management, testing methods and requirements analysis in the ERP and e-commerce arena. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified Software Quality Engineer (CSQE). Nels also holds numerous other certifications. Nels' focus on software quality led to an opportunity to collaborate with Susan Snedaker on a book, IT Project Management, published in 2005. Nels contributed as the Technical Editor for the publication, which is receiving critical acclaim. 

Nels is also a Senior Member of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and serves as a peer reviewer on the Journal Software Quality Professional.  Nels has authored several articles on improving software testing methods and project control.

Nels has served on the board of APICS (Tucson Chapter) and currently has several roles in PMI in the Columbus Ohio Chapter.  Nels holds bachelors degrees (BSBA) from the University of Arizona in Management Information Systems and Operations Management. 

Nels has implemented ERP solutions in the US, Mexico and Europe. He has also implemented internet solutions for several customers including e-commerce and extranets.  Nels has done implementations as a consultant or employee for IBM, Allied-Signal, Johnson & Johnson, Intel, James River, ATT and many others. 

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  Professional Standards and Code of Ethics

We recognize that hiring an outside consultant comes with a host of questions about skills, ability, reliability and integrity. All VirtualTeam consultants personally believe in and adhere to the standards and ethics outlined here.


• We are committed to providing outstanding, world-class service to our clients to generate exceptional results.

• We work individually and as a team to help you and your company achieve unparalleled success.


• We demand excellence from ourselves, our team and our colleagues.

• We are committed to maintain the highest level of proficiency, knowledge and expertise in our profession.

• We keep our skills and expertise up-to-date by participating in a variety of continuous learning opportunities.


• We honestly and appropriately represent ourselves or our abilities.

• We are responsible, ethical, honest, sincere, loyal, and objective in all professional situations.


• We believe in creating honest, ethical and positive relationships, both personally and professionally.

• We work hard and play hard with the understanding that working hard and having fun create a necessary balance in life that drives optimal performance and enjoyment.

• We work to create win-win situations with the belief that we can create a positive outcome for all concerned.


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