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  Business Strategy & Operations

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VirtualTeam Consulting, LLC works with companies of all sizes and in all industries to define successful business strategies and to tie those strategies to day-to-day operations. Our specialized focus is on technology-based start ups, but all companies have to rely on the same fundamentals to generate sustainable success.

A business's strategy defines their identity as a business - how they differ from their competitors, what their strengths are and how those strengths will be leveraged for success. If you don't have a strategy, you're drifting downstream and your results will be as random as the currents on the river. With our experienced team of consultants, your company can define a focused strategy for success based on your unique competitive advantages and strengths.

We'll assist you in developing those strategies as well - from researching the market and your competitors to analyzing the financials of your company. We'll help keep you focused on the key elements of success so your planning activities are grounded in the realities of today's marketplace. We'll help you get out of the planning phase into the action phase quickly and efficiently so you can tie operations to strategies -  and align the allocation of limited resources to the most effective and strategic activities.



We are retained by early stage companies as well as by investors who want a reputable and reliable team to work with on due diligence and other investing activities related to start ups. We assess early stage companies, develop market-based valuations, create financial models to assess IRR, ROI and other key financial metrics, assess IP and related legal aspects of the company and assess the overall potential for success with the target company. We make solid, well-researched recommendations regarding corporate management, business objectives, strategies, marketing and sales plans, staffing and human talent requirements and all other aspects of due diligence. We help develop a strong relationship between principals and investors through setting clear expectations and fostering open, honest communication.



We work with existing companies to develop strategies to help the firm remain competitive, relevant and profitable. We work with management to identify gaps in strategy, human talent and technology. We assist corporate leaders in leveraging core strengths, mitigating organizational weaknesses and exploiting opportunities in the marketplace.


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