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VirtualTeam Consulting, LLC - Optimizing Human Talent 

  Optimizing Human Talent

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As all successful venture capital investors know, great people make great companies. People are the heart of all organizations and people are the ones who develop and execute on strategy. Without excellent talent, good ideas will die on the vine. In order to attract, hire and retain the best talent, companies must identify and create competitive advantages to attract employees.

In most start ups, human resource functions are often seen as additional expenses instead of core foundation-building activities. Our experienced consultants work with your team to identify ways in which you can attract and retain the most talented people available, how you can increase employee/staff satisfaction and lower overall staffing costs, how you can find resources to fill gaps in your management team and build a successful venture from the ground up.


Investors invest in the management team. Starts ups almost always think they have the skills needed to succeed - sometimes they're right, many times they're not. If you don't have a winning team, investors may pass on an otherwise stellar opportunity. If you're a start up with a management team that has a few experience gaps, we can help. If you're an investor who's located a company with great potential but the management team lacks the depth you require, we can help.

Don't let human talent deficits negate an otherwise solid opportunity - on either side of the checkbook. Contact us today to begin working with us to fill gaps and optimize the organization for future growth and success.



If you're an existing firm and you find your turn over rate is higher than you'd like or that you have trouble finding, hiring and retaining the right talent, we can help. Today's marketplace is competitive and today's talent pool is changing. It's a mix of Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y employees. Finding the right hiring strategies can mean the difference between filling open slots with great hires or simply putting bodies in chairs. Contact us today to begin working with us to identify HR practices that can help reduce turnover, improve employee/staff satisfaction and retain the best and the brightest.


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