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VirtualTeam Consulting, LLC is a business and technology consulting firm focused on early stage companies, technology start ups and companies in transition. We work with firms of all sizes in a number of critical areas. Our experienced and credentialed consultants bring with them a vast knowledge in their respective fields, a track record of success and a commitment to delivering the highest quality results for our clients.


We specialize in working with companies to develop business strategies and translating those strategies into practical operational plans - we help you put the plans into action to deliver stronger results. We provide operational, financial and legal assistance to help you get your company off on the right foot. A solid foundation is essential to success and with our experienced consultants on your team, you'll have a better chance of beating the odds and creating a wildly successful new venture.


NEW! One Hour Phone Consultations For Fast, Focused Results

We now provide fixed rate, one hour consultations to answer your business questions. We know that sometimes you simply need an outside expert to answer a question for you or to help you evaluate your options or to advise you on industry best practices. Now, that help is just a phone call away. No need for a lengthy consulting engagement if all you need is a little bit of help. We offer one hour phone consultations on a wide range of topics, including:

  • Handling sensitive or unusual personnel issues

  • Deciding on business expansion options

  • Feedback on managing finances

  • Feedback and input on managing business operations

  • Assistance with hiring processes and candidate interview questions
    and more....

Contact us today and ask about our fast, focused, affordable one hour sessions.

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We are retained by early stage companies as well as by investors who want a reputable and reliable team to work with on due diligence and other investing activities related to start ups. We assess early stage companies, develop market-based valuations, create financial models to assess IRR, ROI and other key financial metrics, assess IP and related legal aspects of the company and assess the overall potential for success with the target company. We make recommendations regarding corporate management, business objectives, strategies, marketing and sales plans, staffing and human talent requirements and all other aspects of due diligence. We help develop a strong relationship between principals and investors through setting clear expectations and fostering open, honest communication.



We work with existing companies to develop strategies to help the firm remain competitive, relevant and profitable. We work with management to identify gaps in strategy, human talent and technology. We assist corporate leaders in leveraging core strengths, mitigating organizational weaknesses and exploiting opportunities in the marketplace.


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