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VitualTeam Consulting - Integrating and Leveraing Technology 

  Integrating & Leveraging Technology

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Back in the late 90's, companies and investors alike thought technology could deliver competitive advantages. In today's environment, it's clear that competitive advantage comes not from IT itself but from how well IT is aligned with and supports corporate strategies and how well IT initiatives are integrated into business processes.

VirtualTeam's expertise in technology runs deep and is supported by years of hands-on technology experience; real-world training and education and research on the latest trends, issues and opportunities.

Technology is not the cure for all organizational ills, but if you're not managing technology well in today's fast-paced environment, there's a good chance it is managing you. Our consultants can help assess your IT infrastructure, identify ways to leverage and integrate the latest technology to create, sustain or support your competitive advantages. From security to web applications; from servers to PDAs, our technology experts can help you integrate and leverage technology in your organization.


Whether you're a solar power company or a software development firm, you need to have the IT infrastructure in place that will secure your trade secrets, intellectual property and confidential documents. You need a network that utilizes the latest technologies at the lowest cost; one that is designed to grow with you. Chances are good you don't have time to build your business and develop your IT infrastructure. We can help. Our expert consultants can help you leverage the latest technologies to improve your business and keep you focused on growing your business.


If you are investigating a technology-based start up, our expert consultants can help during your due diligence phase by assessing the technology, examining the development project plans, schedules and costs and by providing a reliable, unbiased assessment of the technology and the opportunity. In the end, only you can decide if an investment opportunity is right for you, but with our consultants as part of your virtual team, we can assist you making a decision with more information and more analysis. When investing in a high-risk, early stage company, more information is always better.


Whether you've been in business ten months or ten years, your network and IT infrastructure may not be keeping pace with your company. If you're not seeing the ROI you expected or if your IT costs are increasing exponentially, we can help you get your IT department back under control, align it with corporate goals and help finds ways to leverage new technology to improve your company's bottom line.


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